All this “gravy talk” around Toronto the past few years has caused many of us to constantly crave the stuff. The Gravy Train is a small Toronto restaurant concept designed to cater to the desire for dunking delectable food into delicious dips. Whoa, that was a mouthful – just like our wings! Our scientific data reveals the mouth is not only used to eat, it’s also used to laugh. Both behaviours are pivotal to health. That said, we’re adopting a satirical approach to restaurant marketing, yet we’re very serious regarding our mission to serve food with wholesome, high-quality ingredients prepared using healthier methods.

Our menu is designed around an array of gourmet gravy, delightful dips, savoury sauces and scrumptious spreads. Check it out here. Our mains, or “dippables,” are healthy spins on classics. Our wings and chicken strips are baked, not deep-fried. This method is more calorie-conscious and it allows our flavourful marinades to shine. Our hand-cut fries are cooked in healthier oils and sprinkled lightly with micro-mineral-rich Himalayan salt. If you’re avoiding high-fat foods, we also offer seasoned sweet potato fries that are baked. Dip ‘em all in our homemade ketchup with abandon, knowing it’s not loaded with high fructose corn syrup – ours is crafted with malt vinegar and and a touch of organic Canadian maple syrup.

As for ingredients – organics are no stranger to our menu and we do our darndest to source locally.

The menu at The Gravy Train isn’t stationary, either. We feature fun, seasonal and limited-time offerings. Think: Guinness gravy for St. Patty’s day, turkey poutine during Thanksgiving season. And, yes, the rumours are true – we love showing off our signature bacon gravy. Mmmm, bacon. We’ve got a number of taste bud-tantalizing specials up our sleeves, so there are always plenty of new destinations for your dippables.

Foodies, funky folks and families – all aboard! It’s time to put healthier food in your mouths and have a laugh doing so. (Hopefully not at the same time. A wise man once said, “Say it, don’t spray it. We want the news, not the weather!”)

The Gravy Train is the brainchild of James Applegath and Craig Brissenden who met at high school and have been pals ever since. Both share a love of healthy, hearty food and not being in high school anymore.

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