While we’d love to feature a menu filled with 100% organic items that would cause our prices to skyrocket. We also want to support local farmers who use little to no pesticides, yet can’t afford the high cost of organic certification. So we’re taking a strategic approach to our selection of ingredients that are certified.


We’ll need a little help running the train! Once 2013 rolls around we’ll be looking for fun, energetic people with cooking and counter experience. If you’d like advance warning of when we’ll be accepting applications please send us a message through our contact form. Hope to meet you soon!


The mass hysteria began on February 25, 1993. On that fateful day the 59th Seinfeld episode “The Implant” aka “The Double Dipping episode” aired and snacking has never been the same. Given we’re a “Dippery” and we encourage sharing, it’s our duty to address this important issue of food etiquette.


All this “gravy talk” around Toronto the past few years has caused many of us to constantly crave the stuff. The Gravy Train is a small Toronto restaurant concept designed to cater to the desire for dunking delectable food into delicious dips. Whoa, that was a mouthful – just like our wings! Our scientific data…

James Applegath

James Applegath co-founded the retro-futuristic-themed venue known as Nasa Dance Pub on Queen St. West in 1999. James took a hands-on approach by managing the venue’s operations for five years. During his tenure, Nasa and its staff won several awards – most notably voted “Best Chill-Out Club” in 2002 by readers of Eye magazine. After…


Here’s our sample menu! If you have suggestions that fit into our “dippery” theme, please leave your comments at the bottom of the screen! Our ears are always open so our menu will often shift during seasons, holidays and your input. If this tantalizes your taste buds then please help us make it a reality…

Great Health Insurance Advice

Not having health insurance in this day and age might be truly troublesome. It could be troublesome to discover an arrangement that is reasonable and fronts everything you require. With the right help, and the data in this article, you can study how to discover the arrangement that works best for you. In the event…