If you plan on trying our suicide sauce please print and complete this form in advance and present it to the cashier upon ordering.

I hereby agree and affirm that in exchange for the purchase of THE THIRD RAIL hot sauce from The Gravy Train agree to the conditions set forth below.

1. Due to the extremely hot nature of this product injury may result if it were to come in contact with eyes or other regions of the body.

2. This product may cause inflammation and irritation to the digestive system.

3. This product may also cause rear discomfort the following day, often referred to as, “a ring of fire.”

4. I have examined the ingredients and verify I have no medical conditions that may be aggravated or worsened from consumption of this sauce.

5. I am 18 years of age of sound mind and not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medications that may alter my ability to make decisions. By signing this agreement I agree fully to the terms set forth herein. I hereby release The Gravy Train from issues that may occur as a result of ingesting this hot sauce.

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